Sunday, June 6, 2010

Not first drafts

I always used to be a first draft writer. This was mainly because I am plauged by laziness. This laziness manifests itself in my writing and was the main reason I used to write more poetry than prose. Poetry is short and you can care about the thing you write about for a minute and then go and watch television. Bliss.

Now I write more prose for the simple reason that I like telling stories more than taking snapshots. Don't get me wrong, the fact that right now, the sea is wearing the plumage of clouds is something that makes my insides tingle. But I want to tell the story, explain that the sea took her plumage from a man fallen in battle. The only man who ever cried salt-less tears.

So now I write second drafts. Third drafts? No, the aforementioned plauge still keeps me from being so... sensible.

Here is my second draft...


  1. Have you read 'Writing without Teachers' or anything else by Peter Elbow. That's probably what I'm like. If you're interested!

  2. hello! sorry, I was convinced that nobody would read this so i didn't check it before now. No I havent read Peter Elbow but will certainly look him up. are you a writer? anything i can look at?